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Java Array: How do I make a lottery game? - Stack Overflow

3 digit lottery case . Lovro Bajc. Ranch Hand Posts: 45. posted 5 years ago. Hi everyone, I have got a task to make the lottery system where user is asked input three digit integer if he wants to guess the randomly generated numbers. Currently I am at the barrier in the whole evaluation system. Got the first part right where exact order needs to be checked for the main price, however the next

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Im extremely new to Java, and I had a bit of an attempt at making something that you could call lotto. Ive still got a lot more to go on it, but things are becoming tedious, and I am sure there is a simpler way to do what I am doing. How can this code be changed to have less repetitive code/optimized?

arrays - Java Simple Lottery Program - Stack Overflow

Thanks I will make the amendments, try and post back the results. I would like to clarify one thing if I may: I thought that a variable initialization in java isnt not mandatory,but I seem to understand from your amendments that it is

Java Array: How do I make a lottery game? - Stack Overflow lotto game java code

Lottery program in java by using RMI in client server mechanism that perform the operation each time when client run program and give any number to generate the 6 random number set of lottery number then server program generates n sets of lottery number.

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